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European and International Research Projects

  • Interface science at the atomic level, EEC Science Program, No. SC1-CT91-0703 (TSTS), Scientific Responsible: Prof. G.L. Bleris

  • Ultrathin Si/Ge superlattices, EEC Esprit, No 7128, Scientifically Responsible: Prof. G. Theodorou.

  • Stride Hellas, 1991-93, “Hellenic VLSI-DPE”

  • Energy Pathways in bondmaking and breaking at surfaces, 1994-96 Human Capital and Node Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • 1994-97 NATO Collaborative Research Grant. Scientifically Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • Ab initio (from electronic structure) calculations of Complex Processes in Materials, 1995-97 Human Capital and Mobility, Node Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • Dynamics and Kinetics of Bond Making and Breaking at Surfaces: from Chemisorption to Catalysis, 1996-99 Training Mobility and Research, Euroconferences. Node Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • Electronic structure calculations of materials properties and processes for industry and basic sciences, 1998-2002 Training Mobility and Research, Scientific Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • 2003-2007 ESF Scientific Programme Torwards Atomistic Materials Design (Psi-k), National Representative H.M. Polatoglou

  • WE CAN - Cyberbullying Action, Network for Parents' Education, Grundvig, 01/08/10-31/07/12, Scientific Responsible for Greece: H.M. Polatoglou

  • Experimental and Computational Micro-Characterization Techniques in Wood Mechanics, Cost -06/2012, Member of the managing committee for Greece

  • Nanoalloys as advanced materials: from structure to properties and applications 01/06/2009 – 31/05/2013, Member of the managing committee for Greece.

  • Erasmus programme since 2007 – today with Professor Julian Lawrynowicz from University of Lodz, Poland. Scientific Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou

  • Erasmus programme since 2011 – today with Professor Troyo D. Troev, from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. Scientific Responsible: H.M. Polatoglou


National Research Projects

    1. ‘Heterojunctions of the II-VI and IV-VI compounds’, scientific responsible: Prof. Ι. Stoimenos and Prof. G. Theodorou, General Secretariat for Research and Technology, duration 30 months, beginning at 20.01.1987.

    2. Research Committee of the A.U.Th, No. 7539, ‘Theory of Electronic Properties of Solids’, scientific responsible: H. Polatoglou, 1991

    3. Research Programme (ΠΕΝΕΔ) 91-93 ‘Thermodynamic Study of interfaces in crystals using the common lattice’, scientific responsible: Prof. G.L. Bleris

    4. Programme Herakleitos 2002-2005 ‘Study of the principles and software development for teaching Physics’, scientific responsible:, 08/11/2002 - 31/12/2006, budget 32.803 €.

    5. Pythagoras Programme 2004-2006 ‘Characterization and properties of new semiconductor III-V heterostructures-nanostructures”,  scientific responsible: Philomela Komninou

    6. Research Programme ΠΕΝΕΔ 2003 ‘Calculation of processes of heterogenous catalysis close to the surface of the catalyst with molecular dynamics using dynamic surfaces calculated with fitted Hamiltonians based on ab-initio quantum mechanical calculations of the electronic states’, scientific responsible:  Ν. Vakalis, budget 57.626 E.

    7. Evaluation of educational software, PLANET Α.Ε., 01/07/08-28/02/09.

    8. “International Conference: “Standardization prototypes and quality: a means of Balkan countries collaboration”, Ministry of Education (ΥΠΕΠΘ) 05/10/09-04-10-10.

    9. Herakleitos ΙΙ, “Study and analysis of micro- and nanometrological devices, 01/09/2010-31/08/2013, scientific responsible: H.M. Polatoglou, budget 45.000 €.

    10. Special Account for Research Funds – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, PhysicsPartizani: Open Physics Museum, scientific responsible: H.M. Polatoglou, 1/1/2013 – 31/12/2013.

    11. Special Account for Research Funds – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Conference: The challenge of teaching Physics at schools today, 1/1/2013 – 30/7/2013.

    12. Participation in the programme: Supporting teachers, Subaction 4.3: Distance education of secondary school teachers, «Training Programme for Roma children in Central Macedonia, Western Macedonia, Eastern Macedonia and Thace», Measure 1.1 Intercultural Education 1.2 Operational Programme for Education and Lifelong Learning. Scientific responsible: Evangelia Tressou 2013.